Apartment  rentals:

Apartment rental in Montenegro is very common and one of the most preferred options for tourists and business people in Montenegro. You can rent a good apartment for about 60 euro per night and it sleeps, four adults.

Car Rental:

Gorbis Travel in Herceg Novi which is a town close to the Dubrovnik airport and Tivat airport offers a reliable and professional service for car rentals and airport transfers. The owner is called Bojan Kovac and it’s an established family run business.

Motorbike rental:

Motomontenegro offer good value motorbike rentals from the centre of Herceg Novi.

Bicycle rentals:

Also in Herceg Novi, you will find bike rentals along the promenades and in front of the Yacht club.

Boat rentals:

There are many good group boat trips for tourists. For example, Pajo in Herceg Novi offers a good service for good value.

If you want to charter a boat contact Delfin Boats, Luna Perast or Montenegro Charter Limited near Budva.