Montenegro is about 50% cheaper for most goods and services compared to Ireland. For example, you can get a pint of beer and a large slice of pizza for €2.50.

Tourists come for the beautiful scenery, the sun, the sea and sea side promenades.

If you buy in advance you can often get a return flight from Dublin to Dubrovnik for 300 euro. It is a 3 hour flight. Airport transfers and buses regularly go from there to Montenegro.

There are a list of countries that are allowed to visit Montenegro in 2020. Other countries who have a high level of Covid-19 have restrictions. Tourists from restricted countries must present with a Covid-19 test result proving they are Covid-19 free within 48hrs before entering Montenegro. Please email us before departure.

Banking, Transport and Communications in Montenegro;

There are many large banks in Montenegro. Erste Bank is a reputable Danish working all across Montenegro. 

Montenegro is accessible from international airports (seasonal) 10+ UK airports fly to the region. Rail access via West, Central & Eastern Europe Road access via Adriatic highway. The country links with major EU road networks. (i.e. 2 or 3 days drive from UK) Established/maturing digital & broadband telecoms infrastructure.

Mobile operators such as Telenor and T-com operate in Montenegro. They also offer wifi and TV options. 

Cultural influences;

On the cusp of the east/west divide throughout history. Religion mainly Orthodox Christian. A paradise for nature lovers, bird watchers, sports freaks, artists, historians or simply beach loungers, why not try a trip to this fascinating country? The official language is Serbian however, the most often spoken languages are English, Italian and German. Montenegro has also recently adopted the Euro as its own currency. More than likely, a first taste of what it has to offer will leave you thirsting for more!

Venetian Heritage in Montenegro:

The Boka Kotorska bay and beyond makes the traditional ‘Venetian’ architecture easy on the eye. Residents enjoy beautiful sea and mountain views. Districts retain the winter romance of 19th/20th century. Austria boasts the 2nd largest canyon in the world. The first is the Grand Canyon. The largest canyon in Europe is created by the river Tara. The only southern Fjord in Europe is in Montenegro. The terrain celebrates clean sea plus clean fresh water. The area combines clean air with diverse terrain.

Visa Montenegro:

When you enter the country you have to register at a local tourist office or police station to register your visit. Furthermore, you pay tax there rather than at the airport. Fortunately, the cost is reasonable like most things in Montenegro. The tourist tax is approximately €00.90 per day, per adult. On the other hand, you can ask my local management company or local driver to arrange this for you. Pick the correct driver as they have two different entry points for quick entry through the border. Above all, you must have your passport ready to show. If you are driving your own car be sure to pay your taxes on departure or you will be asked to pay the tourist tax by customs.

Compare rent in Montenegro to Croatia;

In the light of recent increases in Tourism in Montenegro reserve your dates are early as possible. In the same way, choose carefully. Coupled with increases in Tourism is the increase in development. There are new promenades, not to mention the new options for guides to Montenegro. To say nothing of the new sports bars and cafes. Equally important is water polo and you will see a lot of it along the promenades. By the same token, swimming is a pleasure everywhere in Montenegro.