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Guide About Montenegro:

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In the light of recent increases in Tourism in Montenegro reserve your dates are early as possible. In the same way choose carefully. Coupled with increases in Tourism, is the increase in development. There are new promenades, not to mention the new options for guides to Montenegro. To say nothing of the new sports bars and cafes. Equally important is water polo and you will see a lot of it along the promenades. By the same  token, swimming is a pleasure.


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Again, reserve your accommodation as early as possible. As well as having the best promenades Montenegro also has the best beaches. Identically, Croatia has the same type of beach life. Uniquely, Montenegro has more sandy beaches and promenades than Croatia. Equally, tourist like to visit both places but go to Montenegro and Croatia. Also, pay for a driver and cross the border to and from Montenegro then get a taxi around town. I like Montenegro more as it has more to do. It is cheaper too.