Article about renting in Montenegro.

Renting in Montenegro:

Montenegro is a great place to take a holiday. Travelling in Montenegro is even better when you get some guidance. My company is a great Guide to Montenegro. Given my constant travel in Montenegro every year since 2006 I have built up a wealth of Knowledge that can help tourists make the most of their stay. Renting in Montenegro is easy..

Rent Apartment in Montenegro

Accommodation in Montenegro. Top 10 things to do in Montenegro.


Places to Stay in Montenegro:

You have many options for accommodation in Montenegro. The best option is to rent an apartment in Montenegro. You can do this for as little as 49 euro per night. Apartments in Baosici often have beautiful view of the Boka Kotorska Bay and Sea. Renting in Montenegro is good value.



Top 10 things to do in Montenegro:

  1. Take a Boat from Baosici around the Boka Kotorska Bay for 10 euro and get lunch included. Renting in Montenegro is a top ten thing to do. Rent an apartment with a balcony facing the sea.
  2. Capture sunsets in Baosici overlooking Mt Lovcen.
  3. Take Walks, Cycle, Kayak around the Boka Kotorska Bay and the Promenades around Baosici.
  4. Visit old town Kotor for culture and nightlife.
  5. Visit Perast to see the most beautiful scenery and churches in the world.
  6. Sail the Dalmatian coastline near the Boka Kotorska Bay.
  7. Visit the upper square in Herceg Novi for top restaurants.
  8. Visit Stevi Stephane and Kayak around the most beautiful and Island made famous by the James Bond movie called ‘Casino Royale’.
  9. Take a spiritual tour to Medjugorje.
  10. Visit two spectacular venetian style seafood restaurants called Chatovic Milini and Stari Milini.


Rent and find accommodation in Montenegro in 2019.

A great place to start to look for accommodation in Montenegro is here at Here, you can find great overall value apartment rentals in Montenegro. There is a helpful guide & itinerary located on the web page called ‘Guide to Montenegro’.

Boka Kotorska Bay

Rent in Montenegro

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A guide to renting an apartment and finding good accommodation in Montenegro on the ‘The Boka Kotorska Bay’ also now known as ‘Billionaires Bay’ in Montenegro.


The Boka Kotorska Bay:

Montenegro is a paradise for Billionaires from around the world. The ‘Boka Kotorska Bay’ is where the rich and famous now socialise. Evenso, there is great value accommodation on the Boka Kotorska Bay. This is a bay with a world heritage site town called Kotor at its centre. Celebrities often park their yachts in the harbour there and go for a stroll. In Kotor, you will find the old town walks and old monasteries. Moreover, tourists will discover lots of culture, lots of cool cafes, restaurants and bars.

Visitors can also  meander the towns of Perast, Baosici and Herceg Novi to name but  a few great locations around the bay.


Renting in Montenegro:

To find good value accommodation in Montenegro, consider renting an apartment, in Baosici In Montenegro. In Baosici, you can rent an apartment in Montenegro for as little at sixty euro a day. You can sleep four adults in the most beautiful of settings. Baosici is a small quiet town on the bay for most of the year. Baosici is centrally located on the Boka Kotorska Bay in between Herceg Novi and Kotor.

Fly to Montenegro:

Aerlingus fly direct to Dubrovnik airport which borders Montenegro. In addition, many flights fly to Tivat which is on the Boka Kotorska Bay. Furthermore, you can fly to Podgorica which is the capital of Montenegro. Western tourists are flocking in big numbers to the jewel in the Crown of Eastern Europe for a new adventure.


Food and drink are still great value. For example, you can buy a pint of quality beer called Lasko for two euro a pint. You can buy large pizza slices and chicken bap burgers for one euro fifty.


Rent an apartment in Baosici, in Montenegro:

To rent a high quality Irish managed apartment in Baosici in Montenegro please visit The Irish manager is called John Mc Garry. He is currently offering Irish customers a 20% limited time discount. Irish adventure seekers who book directly from his website save on commission to third party sites such as, airbnb and Novasol. Why pay more to rent accommodation in Montenegro for the same apartment? Pay directly to an Irish company instead. John Mc Garry’s company  is professionally managed locally by Montenegro Living who are the most established apartment letting agency on the Boka Kotorska Bay. also speak fluent English.

Book directly by clicking below and using the PayPal link to John Mc Garry on this webpage;