was founded in September 2005 by John Mc Garry. Meanwhile, I’ve been renting out apartments in Montenegro since 2006. I work as a teacher in Ireland. On the other hand, I have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience about the country, which makes me a helpful guide to Montenegro. Importantly, click on webpages here to discover quality, relevant information to both tourists and potential investors alike. We advise you how to rent an apartment in Montenegro.

I have travelled and done business throughout the region. Moreover, my wife Michelle and I offer sound and trustworthy advice about renting in Montenegro. For example, advise on general tourist information. These include travel tips, where to stay, where to visit, and renting accommodation in Montenegro. Furthermore, I can offer advise on property investments, buying or renting in Montenegro, architects, builders, planning and legal. Since 2006, I have built up a strong relationship with a local management company.

Rent Apartment in Montenegro:

Rent apartment in Montenegro.

Rent in Montenegro:

Rent in Montenegro
Rent in Montenegro

In addition, rent in Montenegro involves a few important issues. Firstly, check about how key holding operates because you don’t want any difficulties in getting into your accommodation in Montenegro. In short, apartment rental in Montenegro depends on a large part on who you plan to do business with. Next, plan what location gives you a good starting point for all the tourist attractions that Montenegro has to offer.

Here on this website, four adults can stay in a good apartment for 40 euro. Rentals in Montenegro don’t get much easier and hassle-free than booking directly here. Next, have a look at our itinerary to plan your stay. Moreover, check out our web pages called nightlife, rent apartment in Montenegro, visa Montenegro, maps Montenegro, apartment in Montenegro and guide to Montenegro.

Guide to Montenegro:

Guide to Montenegro
Guide to Montenegro

Our website offers a comprehensive guide to Montenegro. If you wish to understand how visa operates for Montenegro, holiday travel plans, accommodation in Montenegro, apartments to rent in Montenegro and transport options you have come to the right place. Montenegro is also known as Crna Gora in their local dialect. Apartments are often known as apartmani or sobe. 

Accommodation in Montenegro:

Montenegro is a beautiful country to rent in however do your research before you go. For example, Accommodation in Montenegro is varied. That is to say, you can find very high quality built apartments professionally managed if you know who to talk to. There are apartments to rent that are great overall value in Montenegro.

For good quality accommodation in Montenegro please check out our apartment advertised on this website Most importantly, it is owned by a professional Irish person and this accommodation in Montenegro is managed professionally. In addition, the local management company are called Montenegro living. They are managed by a woman originally from the U.K called Ann Ferrier-ILIC.