Baosici and

Recommended List of things to do 2017. We aim please and encourage you to enjoy montenegro as we do:

•Day one walk the promenades down by the beach at dusk, day and dawn and experience Lovcen peaks and Boka Kotorska bay then drink a nice bottle of local wine into nightfall on the balcony overlooking the Boka Kotorska bay and Lovcen to your left of my balcony

•Sunbath down at the local beach after 3pm, play table tennis, go for a swim at dusk especially,fishing,local meal (Max (wireless) or Papaguy restaurant),drink (e.g. hemingway bar) and sunbath on my balcony before 3pm.

•Paragliding; right at the bottom of the laneway up to my apartment. Brillant! 20 euro per person.

•Visit Herceg Novi. Go down to the promenades through the old town and walk the promenade all the way to Igalo, stopping at the sports cafe or restaurants nearby. Prestigeous one called The Admiral is on the harbour itself. At sunset it takes your breath away. From here take a romantic boat trip to the blue caves or go sailing along the coastline to find secluded sand beaches. Stop for refreshments (e.g.Sopska salate) anywhere in Igalo.

•Visit Kotor and see this fabulous old city as the lights change and reflect off the surrounding mountains. Sit up a bar up on top of the city walls to get great views and comfy seats, near Maximus nightclub. Grab a bowl of their fancy ice creams and a local beer with a picture of a stag on it/Lasko for one euro a pint or montenegros famous local Vranac Pro Corde red wine.

•Visit Budva and while there visit Sveti-Stefan(casino royale bond movie Island), Jazz and Trestino beaches (cool beaches where they sometimes have open air concerts). Rent a jet ski to view sveti-stefan. Check out the high octane outdoor bars in Budva or keep to the quieter old city part or near the harbour where you might spot the odd celebrity and billionaire while sitting at the restaurant at the end of the harbour.

•On your way to Kotor(Club Montenegro) and Budva stop at my favourite restaurants in the world; Chatovic Milini and Stari Grad Milini.(Spectacular and worth finding). Also visit newly refurbished porto montenegro in Tivat

•Spend a day in old town Dubrovnik and visit Buza bar 1 and 2 which hug the old town cliffs facing the sea (Spectacular by moonlight)

•Drive around the Boka Kotorska bay and stop off at the crystal clear water at Perast and visit the old town and the many wonderful restaurants

•Other times, take the Ferry across the boka bay to shorten your trip to Budva

•Check out the local bars in HN caught in between the sports cafe and the upper old town to find some interesting and friendly characters. Also the old town bars in Budva and Kotor.

•Buy telenor tourist sim for 3 euro. Eat local cheese in oil, sopska salata and parma harm.

•Casa in Igalo is a really cool place for single people

•Please ask if you need any more help!

•Please keep the apartment the way you’d like to find it and inform me of any problems to ensure the next visitors stay is also a special one:)